Supreme Money Lending Corp


At Supreme Money Lending Corp we like to think outside the box. If you don’t fit the banks rigid requirements and you need your funding and cash fast, we have the answer!
We work to get you the funds you need in as little as 30 mintues.

Supreme Money Lending Corp is a licensed moneylender in Philippines providing financial services for personal, business, real estate, and investment loans. Our flexible funding loans suit all walks of life, including personal and business owners’ whose circumstances do not meet traditional lending requirements.

Philippines’s No.1 Online Lending Company 

Supreme Money Lending Corp has created various service-oriented loan solutions focused on flexibility and faster transaction process. Supreme Money Lending Corp, as a leading licensed moneylender, understands the importance of these two elements to each and every client.

With in-depth analytical studies of our customer’s feedback and by taking each client’s suggestion as a challenge, Supreme Money Lending Corp devised the most relevant and useful loan solutions clients can avail at the most convenient way: online loans. Witnessing Philippines have the same need, we have created a money lending portal especially for Filipinos.

World-Class Loan Company For Filipinos
Supreme Money Lending Corp, as an online lending company in Calabarzon Region ( Region 4A ), aims to provide simple loans at the shortest time possible to bridge over Filipinos’ financial gap. By flexible, we mean repayment terms that you can easily follow and fast cash loans you can use in any way you want. Confident to live up with our reputable business in our homeland, we have brought with us the vision of being the go-to institution every time a Filipino needs financial assistance. We acknowledge each working Filipino, in any walk of life, as a valuable prospect and an opportunity to render world-class client experience.

Our professional and friendly staffs are committed to make your financial need our personal business. As the most trusted loan company in Philippines, we have gathered a long standing experience of serving beyond what is expected and not one inquiry has been taken lightly. While we know words are easier said than done, let us prove that we can walk the talk.

Your Next Door Personal Loan Lender
Supreme Money Lending Corp aspires to be the best online lending company in Batangas, Philippines, pursuing our goal to help every Filipino gain better life with better loans. After all, we are your next door personal loan lender, just a few clicks away. Try our online personal loan service now and experience the fruit of our lending experience. We are Supreme Money Lending Corp. Fast, Flexible and Affordable.

SMLC Advisory:

In compliance with SEC MC 19, series of 2019, SMLC wishes to inform all prospective borrowers to read and understand the Terms and Conditions and the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with any loan transaction with us.