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When it comes to the different opinions about the moneylenders in Philippines, just like the people who use their services, the viewpoints are diverse. Whether it is through those who are the sworn fans of fast money to those who have tales of the very expensive interest rates and the crooked practices, the moneylending industry is always a mix. This article will take you on a journey to discover the real opinions of Filipinos in relation to moneylenders. We will seek out the good, the bad, and the ugly for you.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Moneylenders

Convenient Access to Quick Cash

While interacting with your customers, you may discover that one of the most essential benefits of moneylenders to your clients is the convenience they offer. For people caught by the net of unplanned expenses or financial emergencies, moneylenders offer a lifeline by means of cash advances. This can be a golden goose for the people who need funds now and are not in the position of waiting for conventional bank loans or other funding options.

Exorbitant Interest Rates

At the same time, while the facility of moneylenders looks tempting, it usually comes at a high price -the interest rate charged is exorbitant. A major complaint of consumers is the insanely high interest rates, which can sometimes quickly take them into a vicious cycle of debt. Interest rates, which can reach over 20% in some cases, are very high, and therefore, it becomes difficult for borrowers to be able to make repayments on time, which further adds to the loan burden of people.

Shady Practices and Harassment

Nevertheless, some customers have faced unfair loans from business owners. Some of them are unscrupulous and even illegal. Harassment, intimidation, and aggressive debt-collection tactics are all too frequent. One only has to search online to find many stories about these experiences. Besides the psychological stress, the borrowers may come to view the industry as a whole as corrupt and dishonest.

Supreme MLC: A Breath of Fresh Air

Amidst the mixed reviews and questionable practices, one moneylender stands out as a beacon of professionalism and ethical lending: Supreme MLC.

Transparent and Ethical Lending

Supreme MLC always has transparency and ethical lending practices at the core of all its business practices. At the onset, customers will have been told the interest rate, the charges and the repayment terms in a manner that is simple and clear. No hidden charges or other unknown costs are charged, which means that the borrower will know what he will get into.

Competitive Interest Rates

Not only do they hold themselves to ethical standards, but Supreme MLC also offers some very competitive interest rates that are way lower than most competitors. They lower the rates so that people on a budget can easily pay back their debt and thus get out of the credit cycle.

Professional and Caring Service

The customer reports mostly dwell on the treatment service they received from the Supreme MLC, which is supposed to be affordable and caring. This is reflected in the fact that their staff is trained to deal with each client with respect and care, as they realize that people may find themselves in the difficult situation of being unable to repay their debt, having a negative impact on their mental health and well-being. They allocate time to give ear to the personal circumstances of borrowers, and to assist them in getting the best, suitable solution.

Importance of Responsible Borrowing

While moneylenders can provide a valuable service, customers must understand the importance of responsible borrowing.

Understand the Terms and Conditions

Before loan taking, customers should read and understand all conditions carefully and accurately. They also consider the rate of interest, repayment schedule and any other fees or fines for the loan. The inquiry and explanation are the cornerstone of the process and enable us to eliminate any possible misunderstandings or secret jumps later.

Borrow Only What You Need

In the absence of a clear view regarding the financial problems, one may easily spread their debts beyond the necessary limits, which may have a terrible effect in the long term. A client should only borrow what he/she requires and have a definite plan for paying back the loan. Stretching one’s area of influence too far might lead to a situation that takes over one’s life instead of being run by a person.

Have a Repayment Plan

Before signing a loan agreement, prospects need to have a realistic repayment plan in place. This puts a lot of emphasis on people’s income and expenditures and making sure that they can easily afford the payments and still have a comfortable standard of living without compromising other necessary spending. With a backup plan in place for the repayment, borrowers can avoid missed payments and unwanted charges or penalties.


In conclusion, whether moneylending in the Philippines is positive or negative is a double-edged sword; the point of view depends on the individuals. The ability to get the money quickly is a positive aspect, but the risk of high-yield rates and such unscrupulous practices should not be underestimated. Nevertheless, firms like Supreme MLC choose to do things in a different manner, which will benefit ethical and responsible moneylending.

The Supreme MLC is an example of what a responsible and professional institution should be by being transparent and having competitive rates. This is the basis on which it has earned the trust and respect of its clients. As such, their principle of providing only the correct lenders is not only beneficial to borrowers but also contributes to the enhancement of the industry’s overall reputation.

Eventually, a good moneylending experience starts with being smart in borrowing and applying with a reputable lender that has integrity. By knowing the terms and conditions, borrowing on a need basis, and consciously repaying the loans, one can effectively manoeuvre the lending industry with confidence and avoid defaults.



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