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Formerly solely available to Singaporeans and permanent residents, domestic assistants or maids now have access to loans through Singaporean banks. These loans are designed to help domestic workers pay for costs like their children’s education, healthcare, and personal requirements without relying exclusively on the support of their employers.

IP credit

One of the top banks in Singapore offering maid loans is IP Credit. For domestic workers needing financial aid, a bank is a great option because of its accommodating repayment schedules, low-interest rates, and straightforward paperwork requirements.

The quick processing times of IP Credit are one of its primary benefits. To ensure borrowers can swiftly get the money they want, the bank has simplified the loan application procedure. This is crucial for domestic workers who might need financial support in an emergency or who have pressing bills that must be paid.

IP Credit also has individualized customer care as a benefit. Each borrower’s specific financial demands are taken into account when the bank creates a loan package, which is then tailored to suit those needs. This guarantees borrowers the assistance and direction they need to efficiently manage their money.

IP Credit provides a variety of loan package alternatives to meet various financial demands. IP Credit provides both short- and long-term loans with reasonable interest rates to help customers cut their interest costs. For domestic assistants, who might have little financial means and must make every dollar count, this is especially crucial.

IP Credit is, all things considered, a fantastic option for domestic workers who need financial support. The bank gives customers the tools they need to successfully manage their money and build a brighter future for themselves and their families, including quick processing times, individualized customer care, and competitive interest rates.

Supreme MLC

In Singapore, Supreme MLC is another bank that provides loans for maids. The bank specializes in offering loan programs designed especially to satisfy the particular financial requirements of domestic servants. Its competitive interest rates are one of’s main benefits.

Since the bank offers interest rates that are lower than those provided by many other financial institutions in Singapore, borrowers can save money on interest fees over the course of their loan. The flexible repayment periods offered by Supreme MLC are another benefit. The bank offers repayment plans that may be altered to accommodate each borrower’s particular circumstances since it recognizes that domestic help may have various financial demands and requirements.

Supreme MLC provides individualized customer service in addition to affordable interest rates and adaptable payback arrangements. Each borrower’s specific financial demands are taken into account by the bank, which then offers advice and support to help them efficiently manage their money.

Several loan packages are available from Supreme MLC to meet a variety of borrowing requirements. They include longer-term loans that may be used for bigger purchases or to pay off debts, as well as short-term loans that are great for paying unforeseen costs.



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