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It’s our expertise that make us one of the best moneylender in Philippines. Supreme Credit helps you find a personal Loan, cash advance or urgent loan that meets your financial goals and helps you realise your aspirations.

Personal Loan

You shape your home and your home shall shape you. Our loans help you revamp your most adored earthly establishment.

Other Credit Services

We are providing other credit services like health loan, Consumer Loan, Real Estate Loan.

Bridging Loan

You want money for short term try bridging Loan for 2-3 week,

Personal Load at your home

You can apply for your all personal need by personal loan.Easy to apply.
  • Pilgrimage Loan
  • Health Loan
  • Vacation Loan.
  • Education Loan.

Bridging Loan

Some Bridging Loan falsify their documents
A lot of moneylenders are willing to give to Bridging Loan however, no matter how badly you need a loan never fake your documents. This is very unprofessional, and if the lenders finds out they might take legal actions against you and this will cause more problem. If you get convicted, this will show in your NBI and police records, ultimately diminishing your dream to work abroad.
Having low or no credit score.
Most moneylenders base your credit worthiness on your credit score. The credit score reflects your credit history. If you did not diligently pay your previous loans, especially bank loans, then your score will flank. There are moneylenders who offer loans to those with low credit score. Shop around for other options by surfing the net, asking friends, and searching in various social media.

Other Credit Services

We are providing other credit services so you apply for that also.
  • HealthCare Loan
  • Vacation Loan.
  • Pilgrimage Loan
  • Education Loan.
  • Auto/Vehicle Loan.
  • Education Loan.
  • Marriage Loan.
  • Home Improvement Loan.
  • Consumer Credit Loan.
  • Food Delivery Riders Loan
  • Loans for filipino working oversea


Supreme is an analytical, calibrated and approved medium for fulfilling your loan requirements. We understand the importance of your need for money and therefore, we are trying to match your requirement with the best possible opportunity available in the market. We want you to sit back, relax and allow PaisaDukan to mediate for your loan application

Education Loan

Admirable success demands exemplary education. From vocational courses to professional education, we got you covered.

HealthCare Loan

Because the greatest wealth is health, our offerings shall protect you from the medical uncertainties in life.

Home Improvement Loan

You shape your home and your home shall shape you”. Our loans help you revamp your most adored earthly establishment.

Auto / Vehicle Loan

We desire that you do not go for unsettling decisions. We know it's not just a vehicle for you.

Vacation Loan

Need a time of respite to rest and recharge? We help you transform your vacation dream to a dream vacation.

Marriage Loan

All the small things in a marriage are big; and so are the investments. Here is how we can help.


Whether you are in need of a short term loan, fast cash, planning for a home renovation, dream wedding or consolidating your debts, our professional loan specialists at Supreme Money Lending Corp will provide you with flexible solutions and personalised service to meet your financing needs. Being one of the best licensed money lender located in Manila ( Makati City ), we ensure competitive interest rates and provide you with our best service.

SEC-Philippines 2020 (Iicensed)

BIR Cert


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